About ITHU

The Swedish network for IT in Higher Education (ITHU) is a professional development network that aims to promote and enhance the pedagogical application of IT in teaching and learning. The network also aims to be a forum for the exchange of experience and knowledge in the field in terms of practice, research and development. The network consists mostly of pedagogical developers, educational technologists, teachers, librarians and staff involved in course design. The network has representatives in almost all Swedish higher education institutions.

ITHU’s main objectives are to:
● develop the competence of university teachers and other staff in the use of digital media in teaching and learning
● initiate and coordinate activities, projects and working groups in the field of educational technology
● act as a pedagogical support for other networks in higher education
● monitor developments in the field of educational technology
● cooperate with authorities and other organisations in the field.

ITHU was established in 2009 when the former government authority for networking and cooperation in higher education (NSHU) was closed down. The network has been an important meeting place for all involved in educational technology and in particular its application in teaching and learning. Every year we have two on-site meetings, usually combined with another national event in the field, as well as monthly online network meetings. Several webinars per year are also held by the network where the suggested topics are collected from the members of the network.

Steering committee

The network is coordinated by a steering committee, the members of which are elected by the annual general meeting for two year periods. At present (2022) the committee consists of the following members:

Niklas Brinkfeldt, Chair
Minette Henriksson, Vice-chair
Lena Dafgård, Dalarna University
Petronella Ekström, Örebro University
Björn Fritz, Lund University
Lotta Fröjdfeldt, Mälardalen University
Minette Henriksson, Sunet
Stefan Karlsson, Örebro University/Stockholm University
Johani Karonen, Skövde University
Spiros Lukas, Sophiahemmet University
Markus Schneider, Karlstad University